Finance Lease

What is Finance Lease?

If your business relies on equipment that needs to be upgraded regularly then a finance lease is the answer. Whether you normally rent, buy or wish to refinance existing assets, it is a cost-effective way of utilising the assets without ownership whilst still being able to add them to your balance sheet. You have several beneficial options at the end of the initial term including retaining use for a peppercorn rental, part exchanging or selling on our behalf for pre-agreed refund of sale proceeds.

How It Works

You decide what equipment you want to purchase.

We purchase the equipment on your behalf.

We lease the equipment to you on fixed and minimum agreed terms.

You pay agreed manageable monthly payments to us.

At the end of term there are several options available to suit you.

What are the benefits?

As well as being a cost-effective way to fund vital assets, without an upfront cost, there are many benefits to a finance lease.

  • Protects your cashflow by spreading the cost of equipment.
  • Helps budget management with fixed payments over an agreed term.
  • Funding available for all types of equipment from small to large.
  • Can be reflected as an asset owned by the business on the balance sheet.
  • VAT payments can be spread over the life of the agreement.
  • Reclaim VAT and offset repayment interest against profit.
  • Release equity by refinancing assets to use how you choose.

Who will Finance Lease help?

  • Businesses looking to acquire new equipment.
  • Companies that rely on regular equipment upgrades.
A hand holding a cheese wheel over a basket full of cheese wheels

Cheese manufacturer accelerates production

"Securing this equipment means we can accelerate our production, increase the amount of cheeses we supply and continue to focus on developing new varieties of cheese for our customers in the future".

Headshot of new Asset Finance Broker Support member, Dan Hindmarsh

Time Finance boost Broker Support Team with Dan Hindmarsh Appointment

With a proven track record behind him, Dan takes on responsibility for building and maintaining strong broker relations.

Headshot of Director of Asset Finance, Carol Roberts

Carol Roberts – 50 years in the Asset Finance industry

In the latest edition of FLA Magazine, our very own Carol Roberts shares her 50 years of industry experience in Asset Finance.

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