Asset Based Lending

What is Asset Based Lending?

Asset Based Lending (ABL) gives you access to vital funds by using your existing assets as collateral - from invoices and stock, to property and machinery. Our solution can be tailored to address your unique requirements, whilst releasing a higher level of working capital than other forms of finance. An asset based loan can help support your business growth plans.

How It Works

We’ll meet you face-to-face to discuss your funding requirements.

We’ll determine what level of funding we can make available to you.

We'll send a proposal and quote for a multi-asset funding solution.

You’ll receive the funds to support your business growth.

You make agreed payments dependent on the solution.

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What are the benefits?

An Asset Based Finance solution can benefit your business plans in a number of ways.

  • Access to higher availability of working capital.
  • Funding grows in-line with your business.
  • A fast and cost-effective way to fund growth.
  • Enables Management Buy-Outs (MBOs) and Management Buy-Ins (MBIs).
  • Also supports mergers and acquisitions.
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Who will Asset Based Lending help?

Businesses with multiple assets often find an Asset Based facility to be an ideal solution for securing crucial funding. It can help businesses across a wide range of sectors including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Engineering
  • Haulage and Transport
  • Printers

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What funding stream is right for your business?

Take a look at our solutions to see what funding stream is right for you.

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We have been awarded joint first place in Business Money’s 25th Receivables review

The annual Receivable Intermediaries Index recognises and celebrates the leading providers who deliver all-round service excellence to their clients.

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Reaching a lending milestone with our first Asset Based Lending facility

We are proud to have achieved another lending milestone with the delivery of our first £1.1million Asset Based Lending (ABL) facility.