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17 Apr 2024

In the early years of trading many SME entrepreneurs find their work-life balance a little skewed as they throw their all into building a successful business. This Stress Awareness Month we reflect on the true cost of stress in a business.    

08 Apr 2024

"Creating an environment where personal and professional development is at the forefront, is an important part of Time Finance’s culture. We want to ensure that all employees feel valued and our pledge to the real Living Wage is an important part of this commitment."

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21 Mar 2024 / Guides

In this piece, we’ll take a look at what a business plan could bring to your operations, what to expect, and how Time Finance can help you take the next step.

International women's day
08 Mar 2024

This International Women’s Day we sat down with the incredible women making a difference across Time Finance, who share their experience of working in an industry perceived to be male dominated, and how they have inspired inclusion throughout their careers.

jeremy hunt red brief case
07 Mar 2024

With a general election around the corner, this year’s Spring Budget brought a few headline grabbers with inflation expected to fall below 2% this year and the economy headed for steady growth. But what did this year’s Budget bring for businesses?

George Molnyeux headshot
04 Mar 2024

This National Careers Week we sit down with George Molyneux, who recently joined us for work experience, to hear about his placement with Time Finance and to hear his thoughts on getting onto the career ladder.

Small business owner
29 Feb 2024

As the ONS reports a rise in the number of incorporations in 2023 our Chief Executive, Ed Rimmer, explores the newfound appetite from entrepreneurs and shares his thoughts on why the ‘side hustle’ culture is here to stay.

London,,United,Kingdom, ,March,15,2023:,Chancellor,Of,The
26 Feb 2024

With the dust having barely settled on last year’s Autumn Statement, Chief Executive of Time Finance, Ed Rimmer, shares his thoughts on the last Spring Budget before the next general election and why businesses should be front and centre for the Chancellor.

26 Feb 2024

As the Government rolls out its Help to Grow campaign, designed to boost small businesses across the UK, our Chief Executive, Ed Rimmer, explores the measures that will help the business community and shares his thoughts on why every year should be the year of the SME.

Steve Nichols Headshot
07 Feb 2024

We sat down with our Director of Asset Finance, Steve Nichols, to talk about how he plans for a productive day, what a successful lender/broker relationship looks like and his top tips for effective leadership.

05 Feb 2024

At Time Finance we’re huge advocates of investing in the future workforce. In this blog we want to share our top five recommendations for any business considering apprenticeships or other work-based training.

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17 Jan 2024

We caught up with our CEO, Ed Rimmer, to hear about his top tips for a successful career and productive lifestyle - and what drives him to motivate, lead and inspire our team, from his morning routine to the people that have mentored him throughout his career.

male colleagues discussing cashflow forecasting documents
08 Jan 2024 / Asset Finance

No matter what sector you work in, cash flow shortages can cause plenty of stress. In this guide, we’ll touch on some of the cash flow forecasting best practices.

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06 Dec 2023

Our CEO, Ed Rimmer, reflects on the alternative finance market in 2023 and predicts what's to come in the new year of 2024.

04 Dec 2023 / Asset Finance

Stuck on seasonality? Discover how to plot, chart, and plan seasonal demand and include it in finance forecasts with Time Finance.

Inventory Manager Using Smartphone To Scan A Barcode On Parcel
30 Nov 2023 / Asset Finance

In this blog, we'll explore how refinancing can be a game-changer for businesses dealing with seasonality and tackle those concerns about going into the new year with a strained cashflow for the year ahead. 

Two Business Women Talking And Advising Each Other
29 Nov 2023

Find out everything you need to know about methods of financial forecasting and how you can apply them to your business in this useful guide.

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24 Nov 2023

In this blog we unpack the Chancellor’s key announcements from this year’s ‘Autumn Statement for growth’ and what they mean for businesses.

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23 Nov 2023

Ed Rimmer, CEO of alternative finance provider, Time Finance, unpicks the big announcements from this year’s Autumn Statement but warns that tax relief on investments could be a missed opportunity if businesses can’t access the right finance.

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14 Nov 2023

This National Career Development Month our people are sharing their experience working in finance and the things that have helped shape them as professionals. We sat down with Joe Ralphs, Head of Operations at Time Finance, to hear about his varied career managing both sides of our valued broker partnerships.

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14 Nov 2023

Ed Rimmer, CEO of alternative finance provider, Time Finance, stresses the importance of keeping business confidence alive in the face of rumbling uncertainty.

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09 Nov 2023

This National Career Development Month, we’re reflecting on the variety of career opportunities in finance and the many different paths to success. We caught up with Kate Brown, our Head of Marketing, to hear about her career journey.

Jennifer Woloschuk 2
02 Nov 2023

This National Career Development Month, we’re exploring the breadth of roles and the many different routes into the finance industry. We caught up with Jennie Woloschuk, our Office Administrator in Bath, to hear about her career path with Time Finance.

Young Woman With Smartphone Waiting While Her Electric Car Charges
31 Oct 2023 / Guides, Asset Finance

Find out how Time Finance can help your clients to achieve their sustainability goals with our comprehensive guide to green asset finance.

A Group Of Business Partners In A Team Meeting
31 Oct 2023 / Guides

Find out everything you need to know about cash flow management and how to combat the cash flow issues that arise from late payments in this handy guide.

shutterstock 1937577583 scaled
26 Oct 2023 / Asset Finance

Steve Nichols, Head of Asset Finance, discusses striking a balance between cashflow and investment in this months issue of NACFB Magazine.

businessmen shaking hands medium
21 Jul 2023 / Asset Finance

What is asset finance? Find out how you can grow your businesses and accelerate success. Read now to stay ahead of the competition with our expert insights.

businessman working at laptop
21 Jul 2023 / Invoice Finance

Empower Your Business with Invoice Finance for SMEs. Overcome cash flow hurdles and enhance financial stability. Read our blog to find out more.

Asset Finance for business scaled
21 Jul 2023 / Asset Finance

Find out everything you need to know about Asset Financing for your clients. Discover how Asset Finance works and how to get started today with Time Finance.

Amy Holland landscape scaled
17 Jul 2023

Nearly a year into her career with Time Finance, we caught up with Amy Holland, Legal Administrator, to hear all about her journey with the business so far and why she was selected as one of our Rising Stars for this year.

Rachel Best edit scaled
06 Jul 2023

At Time Finance we know that our industry is full of opportunity, with diverse careers and huge potential for growth. We caught up with one of our Rising Stars, Rachel Best, to get her thoughts on what she loves about her role as Sales and Operations Executive in our Invoice Finance team.

27 Jun 2023 / Guides

Time Finance's receivables factoring solutions could help your clients to effectively manage their cash flows and break free from the late payment cycle.

Niamh Gildart scaled
23 Jun 2023

Nurturing talent within our business is so important for us here at Time Finance. So, we sat down with Niamh Gildart, Sales Support Executive, and one of Time’s Rising Stars, to get her thoughts on learning in the workplace and her career with Time.

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07 Jun 2023

In a week that plays host to World Environmental Day, we’re discussing the importance of sustainability in a business and the role that alternative financing can play in making it a success.

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30 May 2023 / Guides

In this blog post, you can hear from our very own Adam Shakespear as he sits down with Manchester Young Professionals to talk about the benefits of working in financial services, the various career paths available and his own experience working in the sector.

Jack Johnson 4 scaled
16 May 2023

As we look ahead to Learning at Work Week, we sat down with our Credit Controller and winner of Time Finance’s 2023 Rising Star Award, Jack Johnson, who at the age of 16 is the youngest member of the Time Finance team.

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15 May 2023

As we approach Mental Health Awareness Week, here at Time Finance we’re taking the time to talk, open up conversations around workplace mental health and understand how SMEs are being impacted.

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12 May 2023

The weather is warming up and with Spring in bloom, businesses are starting to see new shoots of economic optimism. Many businesses are ready to dust off those investment plans and consider alternative finance solutions in helping to bring those plans to life.

Woman satatdesk writingonpad
05 May 2023 / Guides

Boost your business's financial agility with reverse factoring. Learn how businesses can leverage this financing tool effectively. Read more now!

construction worker digger scaled
03 May 2023 / Asset Finance

Businesses can reach new heights with asset refinancing. Looking to unlock your client’s potential? Time Finance can help.

two female colleagues smiling scaled
03 May 2023 / Guides

Looking for a solution for business beyond mainstream bank loans? Our guide to alternative financing tells you everything you need to know. Learn more today.

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28 Apr 2023

Setting up and running your own business can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. The sense of pride that comes with this level of success can be second to none, so why are so many SME owners struggling to relish in the responsibility?

two colleagues smiling laptop scaled 3
05 Apr 2023 / Guides

Read our comprehensive guide on business loans and empower your entrepreneurial journey. Learn how to navigate the borrowing process and secure funding today.

jeremy hunt red brief case scaled
17 Mar 2023

There were a lot of headline grabbers in this year’s Spring Statement and there was a lot announced this time around, so here’s our handy guide to help you break down the main takeaways.

10 downing street medium
14 Mar 2023

As the Chancellor prepares to deliver the 2023 Spring Statement, Ed Rimmer, Chief Executive Officer at Time Finance, shares his predictions for this year’s ‘mini budget’ and what businesses need to see from the Government to boost growth and productivity.

women business smiling medium
07 Mar 2023

To mark International Women’s Day this year, we sat down with a number of remarkable women across the Time Finance business to hear their journey into the finance industry, how they embrace equity in their day-to-day work and use their positions for positive change.

two colleagues smiling laptop scaled 4
23 Feb 2023

Struggling with late payments? Worried about cash reserves? Don’t worry - our guide to cash flow issues in business can help.

CFOs Report x665
23 Feb 2023 / Invoice Finance

Late invoice payments can play havoc with a business. With this guide, our experts dig into financial products. Find out more.

businessman working at laptop
14 Feb 2023 / Invoice Finance

As business insolvencies reach a 13-year high, we sit down with our Managing Director of Invoice Finance, Phil Chesham, to discuss the road to recovery and how alternative finance can be the key to preventing more viable businesses from going under in 2023.

businessman professional arms folded resized
10 Feb 2023

Everyone knows that cash flow is one of the most important things to consider when running a business - but what about cash flow financing and funding?

businessmen shaking hands medium
31 Jan 2023 / Invoice Finance

Dive into the world of debt factoring and gain a competitive edge. Understand its inner workings and how it transforms your business's financial health.

woman sitting desk laptop medium 1
06 Jan 2023

A new year brings new opportunities and the chance to embrace a fresh start. Ed Rimmer, Chief Executive Officer at Time Finance, shares his predictions on what 2023 will bring for businesses and the key trends to expect this year.

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12 Dec 2022

As we close the door on a year that tested the resilience of many SMEs, Time Finance’s Chief Executive, Ed Rimmer, reflects on the opportunities and obstacles that made 2022 the year of strength and defiance for British businesses.

man whiteshirt writing
21 Nov 2022 / Guides

Want to explore Invoice Finance Solutions for your business - but can’t tell your discounting from your factoring? We can help. Read our guide to learn more.

10 downing street medium
18 Nov 2022

If you didn’t manage to catch the announcement, here we look at some of the key measures laid out and what these might mean for UK businesses in the coming months and year.

green forrest recycle medium
09 Nov 2022 / Market Research

As COP27 commences in Egypt, we explore just how high of a priority sustainability is for UK businesses and what the biggest barriers holding them back from progressing with their green plans are.

10 Oct 2022

Running your own business can take your working life to the next level, something that many never get the chance to experience. The personal gain and reward associated with being captain of your own ship is second to none for the majority of business owners, yet the lesser acknowledged side to this honour, inevitably rears its head in times of difficulty.

Man working alongside laptop in study medium
28 Sep 2022 / Guides

On Friday morning, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng set out the steps the Government will take to stimulate economic growth. If you missed the announcement, here are the key takeaways and what this might mean for your business…

Kwasi Kwarteng medium
23 Sep 2022

With a raft of tax cuts and policy reforms announced in the Chancellor’s Mini Budget, we caught up with Time Finance’s CEO, Ed Rimmer, to get his thoughts on the new measures announced and what they really mean for small businesses.

08 Sep 2022

With our new Prime Minister now in Number 10 and with a full cabinet reshuffle complete, Time Finance CEO, Ed Rimmer, shares his thoughts on what’s next for the Government as the economic outlook continues to worry businesses across the UK.

10 downing street medium
06 Jul 2022

As the Government unveils its new campaign to encourage businesses to cut their prices, we caught up with Time Finance CEO, Ed Rimmer, to find out what this latest move really means for businesses as they continue to grapple with the cost of doing business crisis.

two women officehallway chatting 1
01 Jul 2022 / Asset Finance

The financial pressures currently facing businesses are undeniable. Having to adjust to rising costs in their supply chains, increased energy prices and bigger tax bills, and no sooner do we all begin to accept these challenges do we face inflation hitting a high of 9.1%.

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17 Jun 2022

Business demands are constantly changing, but the rising cost of doing business, supply chain concerns, and cashflow challenges we've seen throughout 2022 have just made finding the right solution to suit those needs that much more difficult.

female industrial engineer distribution medium 1
08 Jun 2022 / Loans

It’s no surprise that businesses are feeling more uncertain than ever. With everything that’s happening in the wider market – from rising energy costs to interest rate hikes, inflation, supply chain disruption –an astonishing 76% of SMEs and financial intermediaries are predicting that the UK will fall into a recession later this year*.

team smiling desk presentation scaled
18 May 2022

In a business landscape that’s becoming increasingly preoccupied with increasing costs and challenges to remain competitive, investment in upskilling staff and an attention to employee satisfaction is something that firms should be putting to the top of their priority list.

esme french kate brown 1medium
22 Apr 2022

Aspiring marketer, Esme French, recently joined our Manchester office for a Marketing Internship. Working alongside our Senior Marketing Manager, Kate Brown, Esme has been able to spend the last few weeks gaining an invaluable insight into the world of marketing and financial services as well as connecting with key people in our organisation and expanding her network. We spoke to Esme to understand how the Marketing Internship has benefited her.

male factory worker hi vis medium
09 Apr 2022 / Invoice Finance

In a recent poll, over 50% of the financial advisors and accountants we spoke to spotlighted Invoice Finance as a solution their B2B clients would likely turn to this year to release working capital, overcome challenges and grasp hold of new opportunities. But what makes Invoice Finance a such staple and popular solution in a time of economic turbulence?

london skyline medium
01 Apr 2022

Against the backdrop of one of the most turbulent and challenging periods for UK businesses, many looked to last week’s Spring Statement in the hopes that the Government would announce pro-active measures that would help firms grapple with rising costs, National Insurance and tax hikes, skills shortages, soaring energy and fuel prices, and ongoing supply chain disruption. Ed Rimmer tells Leasing Life magazine why now is the time for the alternative finance industry to really step up and provide headroom for growth:

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30 Mar 2022

With rising energy and labour costs to staff shortages, supply chain issues and rising inflation, the need for adaptation and greater flexibility from the finance industry is key. Brokers play an important role in identifying what needs to be done to help their clients to overcome challenges and unlock new potential for growth and prosperity. To uncover what the lending industry must do to keep up the momentum and harness change, we sat down with some of our intermediary partners to hear what they had to say.

Downing Street medium
24 Mar 2022

Yesterday's Spring Statement revealed a number of promises to support businesses in the Autumn Budget later this year. Reviewing the announcements made, our CEO Ed Rimmer explains why there needs to be a focus on financial aid and support to SMEs now to ensure that they have the steps in place to increase their wage bills and in-turn help employees meet the rising cost of living.

arm gesturing infront laptop
22 Mar 2022 / Loans

Over the past few years businesses have mastered the art of adapting to an ever-changing landscape, and the need for financial solutions to evolve alongside them has never been more prominent. This new marketplace has etched out the path for alternative lenders to adapt their offering to meet the changing needs of its client more readily - and with the support of broker relations, UK SMEs now have access to more approachable and accessible lenders than pre-pandemic.

Rishi Sunak Chancellor medium
21 Mar 2022

Fuel duty freezes and policies to tackle labour shortages and help mobilise global supply chains are a must for next week’s Spring Statement, according to Ed Rimmer, Chief Executive of Time Finance.

women business smiling medium
08 Mar 2022

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 and this year’s theme of #BreakTheBias, we wanted to spotlight the inspiring female leaders of Time Finance to celebrate their achievements and raise awareness against bias. #BreakTheBias

ed rimmer headshot new x1.55
15 Feb 2022

We recently sat down with Time Finance CEO, Ed Rimmer, in our latest 5 minute interview series to get under the skin of what makes a successful deal, what changes we need to see in the market, and what inspires Ed in business. Take a look at what he had to say...

male businessman smiling desk medium
08 Feb 2022 / Invoice Finance

2022 is set to be a transformative year for businesses with innovation, recovery and prosperity at the forefront. We don’t expect the next 12 months to come without its challenges, but we anticipate that the continued rise and evolution of Invoice Finance will only serve to bolster business growth. Looking to the year ahead, Phil Chesham predicts what business owners will be looking out for over the next 12 months and how vital Invoice Finance will be in supporting this.

female open sign glass window scaled
04 Feb 2022 / Loans

Sharon Bryden, Director of Commercial Loans and Asset Based Lending at Time Finance, explains why it’s essential UK businesses now need to move away from those short-term solutions and focus on funding options that are here for the long haul.

colleagues around table smiling medium
20 Jan 2022 / Asset Based Lending

UK businesses have had a rollercoaster of a ride over the last two years with many able to ride out the storm with the ongoing commitment of their funders and the generous round of support initiatives put in place by the Government. One thing has become clear – the importance of good financial planning can make or break a business when the going gets tough.

woman glasses smiling medium
18 Jan 2022 / Asset Based Lending

2022 is set to be a year of enormous change for businesses and for the first time in two years, this change is exciting. There are innovations to embrace, opportunities to seize and expansion plans to fulfil. Our very own Sharon Bryden, Director of Commercial Loans and Asset Based Lending, shares her predictions for the year ahead and thoughts on how we can all step up our support to make 2022 the year of ambitious growth and prosperity for UK businesses.

ed rimmer newheadshot tie
12 Jan 2022

In his latest guest blog with Time Finance, Ed Rimmer, CEO at Time Finance, shares why he believes 2022 will be the year for big investment among British businesses

Rishi Sunak Budget scaled
27 Oct 2021

Ed Rimmer, Chief Executive Officer at Time Finance, shares his thoughts: “This needed to be a Budget for growth, not for paying back. We have seen some real substance from the Government that growth is their number one priority. As the Chancellor said, we have not drawn a line under Covid. But we are entering a new age of optimism."

Carol Roberts x1.55
06 Oct 2021 / Asset Finance

Carol Roberts, Director of Asset Finance at Time Finance and Board Director for both the FLA and The Leasing Foundation, shares her 50 years of industry experience in Asset Finance.

ed rimmer headshot new x1.55
01 Sep 2021

How do these business leaders go about their daily routine? Ed Rimmer shares what a day in the life of a CEO at Time Finance looks like in his latest interview with Business Leader.

woman handson templesx668
23 Aug 2021 / Market Research

One month since the Government’s reforms to the Prompt Payment Code came into force, Phil Chesham, Head of Invoice Finance at Time Finance, shares his insight on the challenges facing SMEs across the UK due to late payment.

checkedshirtman usingmac
12 Aug 2021 / Asset Finance

With new data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showing that the UK economy grew by 4.8% in the second quarter of 2021, there are some really promising signs that our economic recovery is gathering pace. It’s a pivotal time for businesses; there’s a strong sense of optimism enjoyed across the board but this […]

man whitehardhat rightside
24 Jun 2021 / Asset Finance

Optimism is growing amongst businesses and many think now is the time to invest for the future. In our latest article, we explore why Asset Finance goes hand in hand with optimism, giving businesses like yours the freedom and confidence to grow and prosper.

construction worker holding plans
09 Jun 2021

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that access to cash is the key to recovery and growth. The alternative finance sector has and continues to play a vital role in supporting UK businesses as they navigate through one of the most difficult financial periods of their lives and continues to help them to […]

woman handson temples
14 May 2021

To mark the end of Mental Health Week, we want to highlight the importance of tackling the mental health crisis in the business community and how we can all play our part to remove the stigmas and create a supportive culture. 8 in 10 SMEs experience symptoms of poor mental health Whilst poor mental health […]

woman standing serving bar
12 May 2021 / Vehicle Finance, Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Loans

2 in 3 businesses feel optimistic In what has been a chaotic 12 months, the financial pressures to stay open for business overwhelmed small business owners. Yet, what should have mounted and defeated many, in turn acted as a catalyst for strength and resilience. Many were able to innovate quickly to adapt to the restrictions […]

two women officehallway chatting
08 Mar 2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we spoke to the inspiring female leaders of Time Finance. Carol Roberts, Lorraine Neyland, Jennifer Bodey, Tansy Cunningham and Holly Mapstone all sit on our Operating Board and drive the strategy for our Asset Finance, Risk, Compliance, Invoice Finance and HR divisions. With 50% representation on our Board, their knowledge […]

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31 Dec 2020

As we prepare to turn the page on 2020 we reflect on the year with the nation’s business owners. The good news? Despite the unprecedented turbulence and ongoing economic uncertainty, there have been clear signs of resilience and innovation. Following many months of business predictions, projections and promises of bounce-backs around every corner, what was […]

woman desk white shirt
12 Aug 2020 / Guides

Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Loans, Vehicle Finance… the list for business finance goes on and on. It can often seem like a minefield trying to navigate your way through the various financial options available on the market. So, how do you know what funding stream is right for your business? We’ll explore each one in […]

man writingatdesk infrontlaptop
12 Aug 2020 / Invoice Finance

Cashflow is a major aspect of running a business. It’s the process of ensuring that cash coming in to the business is greater than the outgoing expenditure. Not having a steady flow of cash can result in late payments to suppliers, HMRC and even staff – in fact, the failure of up to 90 per […]

team lightbulb scaled
12 Aug 2020 / Loans

As the covid-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges, government guidelines to stay indoors and socially distance have dramatically changed the business landscape as we know it. With many businesses forced to close their doors to the public or downsize current operations, businesses of all sizes are being forced to think of new ways of working. In […]

man infront digger
12 Aug 2020 / Asset Finance

There’s no doubt that covid-19 has changed the business landscape as we know it. The crisis acted as a catalyst for innovation and change for SMEs, with businesses from all sectors and of all sizes forced to adapt to new ways of working. With near 25% of businesses ceasing trading altogether during this time*, focus […]

man woman shop open rs
12 Aug 2020 / Vehicle Finance

The increasing global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating effect on UK businesses. With their futures uncertain as income reduces and cashflow drying up, it is becoming more difficult to trade through these unprecedented times. Representing 99% of the UK’s business population, SMEs play a vital role in the growth of our […]

man working desk
12 Aug 2020 / Guides

Invoice Finance is a popular funding solution used by small businesses to improve cash flow. Typically, this type of finance is used by business owners who may face extended payment terms from their customers and require access to additional working capital. Unlike an overdraft, an Invoice Finance facility increases in line with sales rather than […]

man writing goldpen
12 Aug 2020 / Vehicle Finance, Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Loans

A study by Nationwide Building Society revealed that two-thirds of people are guilty of skipping the small print. Perhaps unsurprising given how time-consuming it can be to read the full terms and conditions of contracts. However, the consequences of failing to do so can be quite severe. So why is it so important to read […]

electric car charging
12 Aug 2020 / Vehicle Finance

On a global scale “going green” has become a high priority for all businesses within both new and traditional sectors.  Over recent years, Governments and social initiatives have influenced the way businesses plan to operate and the momentum for investing in sustainable projects will only increase. Research* shows that almost two-thirds of SMEs want to […]