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5 minutes with Steve Nichols

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Describe your role at Time Finance in 10 words or less

Strategy development, empowering people and holding them accountable for delivery.

How do you plan for a productive day?

I don’t like to-do lists so I use the Time Box technique, which was developed at Harvard University and is widely used. Following this technique, I tackle the least desirable task first and allocate time to everything I want to do. I prioritise my focus and try to avoid tasks that don't add value. I also treat exercise as a daily commitment to myself. I try to wake up early and workout to get it done for the day and I include this in my time block with the same importance as other important tasks, which definitely correlates with a healthy and productive workday.

What are the key elements to a successful broker/lender relationship at Time Finance?

It’s important to build trust and be able to articulate credit appetite and unique selling points. Consistency is key and the more consistent we are the more successful the relationship.

What goals are you working towards at the moment? (both in and outside of work)

Inside work, I’m working towards improving our customer/broker journey. We also have a company-wide goal to work towards using technology as an enabler rather than a replacement for human contact; technology is speeding up what we do but that should never be at the cost of a personalised approach. We’re also increasing our 'right first time' accuracy, which will ensure we’re providing consistency of service to our brokers, customers and suppliers.

Outside of work, I want to achieve a half iron man up and down Snowdon and I’m training to swim the Channel next Summer. I’m also balancing a young family and a very busy job, so life is quite hectic at the moment.

If you were to set up a business tomorrow, what would it be and why?

I think I’d choose landscape gardening because I like that the relationship between input and output is so tangible and rewarding. I like to see physical results of success, so something that involves labour, and the outdoors would be ideal. Either that or an underwater camera man.

Can you share the best piece of leadership advice you have ever been given?

Stay true to your values, communicate clearly and be consistent.

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