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07 Mar 2023 / Uncategorized

The power of women in finance: Lessons from Time Finance’s female leaders

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At Time Finance, we are proud to have built a workplace where women succeed and thrive. With 40% representation on our Operating Board and over 50% in the business as a whole, the knowledge and experience of our innovative, strategic and forward-thinking female leaders helps drive the success of our organisation and makes Time Finance the business it is today.

To mark International Women’s Day this year, we sat down with a number of remarkable women across the Time Finance business to hear their journey into the finance industry, how they embrace equity in their day-to-day work and use their positions for positive change.

Helen Wheeler

Helen Wheeler, Head of Operations in Invoice Finance

“In my early career, going back 30 years now, the finance industry was a very different place - and very much male dominated. There were very few female role models that I could look up to. There was however, one Director in my first job who was very ahead of her time and would always encourage me to step outside my comfort zone. The more I did this, the more confident I became and I’ve worked very hard to climb the ladder using the values she instilled in me - putting in the hours to get where I need to be.

“Women like her, in a boardroom full of men, have paved the way for young women getting into finance today. For anybody coming into our industry: no matter their gender, there is always a place for you at Time Finance and the wider industry, as long as you’re willing to put the work in!”

Tanya Raynes

Tanya Raynes, Non-Executive Chair

“I’m a firm believer that businesses benefit from a diverse perspective, and this is something we should continue to encourage and strive towards. Having worked in a variety of roles within a number of industries, I have seen first-hand the value and impact that women bring to the workplace and boardroom. It is common for women to find it difficult to promote themselves or to recognise their contribution when it comes to the important conversations. Women should continue to seize the opportunities they are presented with, using this to develop confidence and feel empowered as they pursue their career."

Sharon Bryden

Sharon Bryden, Director of Commercial Loans and ABL

“At Time Finance there are lots of women in senior leadership positions and it's so encouraging to see, it really makes such a huge difference to the industry. It’s so important to have that diversity; women can offer just as much as men can. The key thing is that we put the perfect person forward for the job, it doesn’t matter who that is.

“Juggling a career with young children isn’t easy, but you can do it with the right support and keeping focused on what you want to achieve. Women have proven time and time again that they can excel when dealing with a lot of spinning plates.

“My best piece of advice for any young women looking to start out in their career is to never be afraid to push yourself out of the comfort zone, it’s all about believing in yourself and in your ability. Keep focused on that goal and nurture your relationships with other women in business, they’ll be a great help.”

Laura Mollett

Laura Mollett, Head of Broker Sales

“I always say that nobody works harder than a working mum! Juggling a career and your home-life is never an easy task, and one that requires meticulous organisation. Without that flexibility and understanding from employers, it can be quite tricky for mothers to return to their careers after maternity leave.

“At Time Finance, we have a hybrid working model which allows me to put in the hours leading my team of five, while also making sure I show up for my son. For anybody looking to get into the finance industry, I would always say take advantage of any opportunity to learn. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to be successful at your role and then just be true to your authentic self."

Louise Ikonomides

Louise Ikonomides, Head of Business Improvements

“When I first started my career there was very little available in terms of guidance, mentorship, and support in the industry. My experience early on taught me to be disciplined, to really believe in myself and what I was capable of, and to find the strength to keep pushing forward even when times felt challenging. It’s a mindset and confidence I would encourage any young woman to adopt when entering her career and trying to climb up the ranks. Recognising what drives you and makes you resilient really does help you to become the master of your own destiny.”

Lorraine Neyland

Lorraine Neyland, Director of Risk

“As we celebrate another International Women’s Day, I want to take a moment to celebrate how much our industry has transformed over the years. Having started my career in Risk over 35 years ago, in what was very much a man’s world, I’ve witnessed a lot of changes over the course of that time. Most notably, how rewarding it has been for women such as myself to go against the grain, climb up the ranks and have a voice at the table where important decisions are made. In 2023, there are more and more women entering and thriving in this field than ever before, and it’s a pleasure to see.”

Kate Brown

Kate Brown, Head of Marketing

“The financial services sector continues to make some really positive strides when it comes to female representation. In the short time I’ve worked in the industry, I’ve seen more and more women progressing into leadership roles and having a key voice at the table. It’s really encouraging and inspiring to see.

“I truly believe that having somebody notice something in you and believe in you can make all the difference. I owe many of my achievements to the support network I have around me, whether that’s through family, friends, peers or mentors. We need to instil confidence and provide the necessary tools for young women to embrace a career in finance. That’s why I’m so passionate about using my own experiences to elevate other women around me; I recognise how inspiring and encouraging it can be to have somebody in your corner cheering you on.”

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