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11 Jul 2024 / Invoice Finance

In this article, our expert team will explore the many invoice discounting advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your business. 

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21 Jul 2023 / Invoice Finance

Empower Your Business with Invoice Finance for SMEs. Overcome cash flow hurdles and enhance financial stability. Read our blog to find out more.

CFOs Report x665
23 Feb 2023 / Invoice Finance

Late invoice payments can play havoc with a business. With this guide, our experts dig into financial products. Find out more.

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14 Feb 2023 / Invoice Finance

As business insolvencies reach a 13-year high, we sit down with our Managing Director of Invoice Finance, Phil Chesham, to discuss the road to recovery and how alternative finance can be the key to preventing more viable businesses from going under in 2023.

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31 Jan 2023 / Invoice Finance

Dive into the world of debt factoring and gain a competitive edge. Understand its inner workings and how it transforms your business's financial health.

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09 Apr 2022 / Invoice Finance

In a recent poll, over 50% of the financial advisors and accountants we spoke to spotlighted Invoice Finance as a solution their B2B clients would likely turn to this year to release working capital, overcome challenges and grasp hold of new opportunities. But what makes Invoice Finance a such staple and popular solution in a time of economic turbulence?

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08 Feb 2022 / Invoice Finance

2022 is set to be a transformative year for businesses with innovation, recovery and prosperity at the forefront. We don’t expect the next 12 months to come without its challenges, but we anticipate that the continued rise and evolution of Invoice Finance will only serve to bolster business growth. Looking to the year ahead, Phil Chesham predicts what business owners will be looking out for over the next 12 months and how vital Invoice Finance will be in supporting this.

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12 May 2021 / Vehicle Finance, Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Loans

2 in 3 businesses feel optimistic In what has been a chaotic 12 months, the financial pressures to stay open for business overwhelmed small business owners. Yet, what should have mounted and defeated many, in turn acted as a catalyst for strength and resilience. Many were able to innovate quickly to adapt to the restrictions […]

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12 Aug 2020 / Vehicle Finance, Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Loans

A study by Nationwide Building Society revealed that two-thirds of people are guilty of skipping the small print. Perhaps unsurprising given how time-consuming it can be to read the full terms and conditions of contracts. However, the consequences of failing to do so can be quite severe. So why is it so important to read […]

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12 Aug 2020 / Invoice Finance

Cashflow is a major aspect of running a business. It’s the process of ensuring that cash coming in to the business is greater than the outgoing expenditure. Not having a steady flow of cash can result in late payments to suppliers, HMRC and even staff – in fact, the failure of up to 90 per […]